Asian Century


  • The first major joint study of the economic relationship between Australia and China was launched in Beijing on Saturday, 27 June.

  • Asian countries need to begin preparing for the challenges of the future.

  • The East Asian Bureau of Economic Research hosted a public forum on the Chinese leadership to launch the latest edition of the East Asia Forum Quarterly: Leading China Where on November 7, 2013.

  • The issues raised by Australia's Asian Century White Paper were up for discussion by top US thinkers on Asia recently.

    There is much more to the success of the Asian century than China, but many of the challenges for the United States are questions about China.

  • On the 17th-18th of April, expert thinkers from across the region gathered at the Crawford School of Public Policy to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the Asian Century.


Name Author Date published Organisation
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Economic Growth in China and Its Potential Impact on Australia-China Bilateral Trade Yu Sheng 23/06/2016 Crawford School of Public Policy
A Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model for India Shesadri Banerjee and Parantap Basu 06/07/2015 National Council for Applied Economic Research
Assessing the competitiveness of the supply side response to China’s iron ore demand shock Luke Hurst 19/05/2015 EABER
Prosperity, sustainability and the measurement of wealth Kevin Mumford 29/04/2015
Productivity lessons for the Asian region Jungsoo Park, Lawrence Lau 29/04/2015
Australia in the Asian Century Ken Henry 29/04/2015 Crawford School of Public Policy
The future of Australia's productivity: Some insights from productivity analysis Jenny Gordon 29/04/2015
Economic growth, wellbeing and sustainability: measuring Australia's progress Gemma van Halderen, Joanne Baker 29/04/2015
Changing Population In Japan and A Life-Long Active Society To Cope With It Atsushi Seike 29/04/2015


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